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Large image sizes are responsible for slowing down a website’s load time and disrupting user experience. The fix? Image optimization. Take a look to know what and why, and some tips to keep in mind for your website’s performance.

Website design for small businesses is key to the organisation’s growth. That’s because business websites not only function as gateways to services and products, but also speak to the credibility of the brand.

What to keep in mind when building a website? Here are a few quick stats:

  • 94% of first-impressions relate to web design (Source:
  • 75% of website credibility boils down to design (Source:
  • Users form an opinion of your site in 0.05 seconds (Source: John Kramer)
  • 94% of negative website feedback is related to its design (Source: John Kramer)

As such, the tips for building a…

It is becoming increasingly popular to hear of content agencies ‘manufacturing’ content. As unartistic as this may sound, when it comes to a content strategy, there’s no point re-inventing the wheel each time. Hardware companies don’t go about redesigning chipsets for every mobile phone sold and likewise, once you have a structure to your content, you can simply focus on fleshing it out, rather than creating new templates from scratch each time.

What this concept of content creation does is open the doors to automation. How? Well, whenever there is a question of a closed set being involved, robots always…

A well-drafted Google SEO strategy can significantly widen your brand’s reach and promote organic lead generation. Make a note of these tried-and-tested SEO content strategies that Google rewards.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a critical element of every content strategy. In simple terms, SEO for content marketing implies optimising your content to attract organic traffic from search result pages.

When it comes to search engines, Google clearly rules the roost. Though search engines such as Yahoo and Bing cannot be eliminated from the equation, drawing out a better Google SEO strategy is a sure-fire way of widening your reach and promoting organic lead generation.

Therefore, your SEO content strategy must aim to match Google’s algorithm if you are to rank among the first few search results. …

Drive your brand towards success by learning from the best digital campaigns out there. And while you’re perfecting your approach to your next campaign, make sure to avoid these 5 common digital campaign marketing mistakes

The most successful digital marketing campaigns are often launched by brands who’ve done it before and are already ahead of the curve. However, this does not mean that you cannot catch up or even outdo your competitors. You just need to learn from the best digital campaigns and fix the flaws in your approach. Getting the nuts and bolts of your digital campaign strategy right is of prime importance, and you may miss out on must-haves if your eyes are only on viral digital marketing campaigns.

To help you lay a solid foundation, here are 5 common digital campaign marketing…

To create content in a way that can better increase your search engine visibility, the topic cluster model is worth familiarising yourself with. From what they are, why they work and how to develop them from scratch, here’s all you need to know.

Gone are the days where a keyword-only SEO strategy works. Today, users communicate with search engines much like they would with another person. In other words, you don’t always have broken search terms fed into an engine, but actual sentences, often in the context of voice search. After all, voice searches are already on the rise!

Search engines have also grown smarter and know to answer search strings like ‘places to visit near me’ with actual content pieces. To target user intent in your content strategy and marketing initiatives, it is better to shift focus from keywords to topics. …

Short snippets of information that inform readers about your web page on search engines, meta descriptions can be the make or break factor for traffic to your website. Apart from understanding what is meta description, follow these meta description best practices to garner more leads in 2021.

While meta descriptions may seem like a small part of SEO, they are among the first elements a user reads and serve as invitations to visit your web page or website. These short snippets of information tell your reader whether your content is worthwhile. The quality of your meta description tag is often the barrier between garnering leads and hence the need for SEO meta description best practices arises.

Learning how to write a good meta description is step #1. …

To track the performance of your optimized website, active campaigns, or traffic, familiarizing yourself with Google Analytics is important. Knowing what to track, interpreting data correctly, and learning from it for optimal performance is key. Avoid these common mistakes while using this tool for your business.

Taking a business online is a natural step of brand evolution in today’s digital era. While functioning offline has its advantages, going digital greatly enhances your reach, and with e-commerce gaining traction, there’s a lot of profits to dig into as well. As such, it is quite common for businesses to start with a website and optimise it for Google Search to supercharge their sales cycle. It is at this stage that the important tool known as Google Analytics comes into play.

This tool gives you detailed reports on the performance of your website, your active campaigns, your traffic, and…

With Instagram Guides, you now have a new format for creating content — one that facilitates storytelling! Learn more about how to make Instagram Guides, who can create Instagram Guides and more here.

It isn’t news that social media marketing is now among the top 3 ways to build an online presence as a brand or business. Among the ones leveraged by marketers most, Instagram stands out and for good reason too. Its potential reach for advertising is around 849 million users with 1 billion active users a month. As a marketing platform, it is a no-brainer that Instagram should feature in every digital marketing strategy.

To add more value to the platform, on 17 November 2020, the Instagram Guides feature was launched. Users and businesses now have a new format for creating…

Strategic content helps customers make decisions — financial ones too! Content marketing is a way for financial institutions to educate, engage, and empower, while building relationships. Here are 3 tactics BFSI firms can employ to strike a chord with their customer base.

The financial industry hasn’t always given content marketing the importance it deserves. There are a few reasons for this and among the most important is that the in-person, branch experience is still the main medium for customer acquisition. This is why financial institutions, like banks, have actively prioritised the ‘value’ aspect of the interaction.

As a result, a common question asked is, why is content marketing important for the banking industry? The answer is simple: Content builds trust. Moreover, content takes your brand right to your customer’s doorstep — or smartphone — thus improving your marketing reach. …


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